Build notes:
Engine is rebuilt as a zero-mile engine. Every bearing, bushing, seal, stretch bolt was replaced. All new gaskets. New timing chain and chain guides. Valves reseated, new valve guides. New piston rings. New injectors and o-rings. New coils, plugs, and H/T leads. New upgraded aftermarket Hall effect sensor.
“Hot” cams from 1985 made an honest 100hp. Free-flowing exhaust, intake, Uni air filter, polished ports, 4-hole injectors, optimized MAF settings means this bike makes significantly more.
Transmission opened and inspected, seals replaced.
Final drive opened and inspected, cleaned, and flushed.
Radiator is the thicker 3-core for better cooling, given the higher power.
Upgraded Spal radiator fan to push more CFM than OEM. (Quieter, too)
All black paint is Eastwood Ceramic Engine Paint. Exhaust headers are coated in Cerakote C7600Q.
All exposed engine cover bolts are new Stainless, installed with non-metallic anti-seize.
All hi-strength bolts are new zinc-coated Grade 12.
New YSS shock, progressive springs in the front. Sag set at 30% for the new (much lighter) bike weight. Adds 1.5 cm of clearance.
Complete new rebuilt water/oil pump with the late-style impeller.
Brembo- fresh rebuilt brake calipers and master cylinders. Stainless-braid brake lines from Venhill. EBC pads.
SKF fork seals.
Tapered head tube bearings.
Both levers are Brembo and match. I hate mismatched levers.
New Max-Inc 5 3/4 H4 headlight. Front blinkers are Motogadget Blaze pin. Rear lights are Revival flexible Run/Brake/Blinker lights.
Instruments are Motogadet Mini with the indicator frame. Indicator lights are for blinker, Hi-beam, warning light, Neutral light, and low fuel. BEP 3.0 is used to provide signals to the dash.
The blue paint is a metal flake, the white is a 3-stage pearl.

Functionality notes:
All electrical is run by an M-unit Blue. Use your phone to configure your controls settings, track statistics, even turn it on.
I developed and drew the schematic that is being passed around the internet and is being used by custom builders to wire a K-bike with an M-unit.
Handlebar controls are handled by a unit from a Triumph Scrambler, Left side. Ignition on, start, blinkers, and high-beam.
Both fenders are retained. Rear fender is trimmed to be aesthetically unintrusive, but keep the wheel from throwing grit all over the engine.
Handlebars are a scrambler aesthetic and a good, comfortable riding position. Huge improvement over cheap clip-ons.
Center stand only, for many reasons.
None of the foot control contact surfaces are painted, to avoid damaged paint with use.
Accessible pigtail connector under the seat for easy charging, should it ever be needed.