Hand made in a basic garage with friends a few beers and lots of hours! Gnas is a group of friends that get together to tinker with bikes, ride and generally have fun. We all have day jobs but love that gnas has grown and we are getting more mates working on and onto motorbikes.

General custom modifications PLUS.

Elina Style BMX seat with skateboard brand belt luggage holder, metal seat base.
72’ K4 Tank hand painted text with belt strap luggage holder (on an adventure you need stuff!ha). BMX cut pedal rear sets, hand made base plates with the centres cut out of a pair of VENTURE pedals, pegs pivot which is great for control. DMR V8 Pedal Kickstart. Skateboard deck rear mudguard.
USB Charger, phone, ipad, camera sockets (so useful). Canvas side bags with tools, equipment and mounts. Screw on BMX Stunt pegs for pillion foot rests
Mini gauges (world industries skateboard truck bearing used for trip knob) and switch gear, clean high bars, beer cap ends (actually from a evening working on the bike.ha). World Industries Truck rear light/plate mount. Diamond/waffle pattern materials used throughout, from side mesh to grips and seat material (made the seat cover on my mums old sewing machine, I know, totally hard core!)
Enamelled frame and engine with polished barrel edges, brushed aluminium parts all over the bike including “turned” detailing and drilled out sections (a little link back to the period café racers of the 50/60’s. Screw on BMX FLIP handle grip “tow along” it’s to pull mates on skateboards and BMX’s up to speed for tricks/jumps (got some photos) and for hills, on private roads of course.
Cut, wrapped short megaphone exhaust from my dads shed. World Industries wheel chain tensioner. World Industries Flame Boy Truck stand (my favourite little mod that takes ages for people to spot strangely?). Striped (like BMX tyres) Pirelli knobblies, satin black Comstar’s which have a uncanny look to some retro plastic BMX wheels, so I kept them.
Multi-purpose rack. This is the big mod for this adventure bike. We have a massive culture of skating, BMX, Surfing and getting out to the countryside here in Cornwall. We love riding our motorbikes but sometimes you can’t take what you need. So I designed a multi purpose mount set up. I have mounts for a surfboard, BMX/MTB, skateboard and a multi use one. You get some looks on a custom bike, but when the custom bikes got a BMX on the side you get a few double takes.
Photo Dale Pointon
So pleased with this bike, its much loved and used by myself and I lend it to mates too. This bike needs its details to be seen and with the BMX mounted too (its mad).