I wanted an inexpensive but reliable bike to learn how to do some wrenching. I fell in love with the flying brick and found this high-mileage, but well cared for, ’87 K100 locally. I sold off all of the plastics (free bike!) and re-worked it into a new form. Not having a garage set-up to go full custom I decided to do what I could with off-the-shelf parts, with customizations that I could handle such as body panels, fenders, etc. Many of the components are “kit” parts from Un1t Garage (Milan) including the taillight subframe, the exhaust and collector, and the headlight subframe. The seat was shortened from the original, but still supports a pillion passenger, when needed. I designed and constructed the carbon fiber side panels using vacuum-bagging techniques I learned from building high-power rockets. The side instrument bracket are also custom fabricated from spare parts. The handlebars are re-purposed from an 1100GS, the Magazi Retro mirrors from KiWAV and the headlamp was from Speedmotoco. The indicator lamps are eBay specials which I had to tweak to support the BMW’s unique wattage requirement. I replaced the instrument cluster with an Acewell 2850 digital instrument unit using a BEP3.0 from Maru Labs, which greatly simplifies the electronics replacement. The side (battery) panels are custom anodized 4mm aluminum panels I designed using Front Panels Express machining service (a great and inexpensive way to get custom aluminum machining). New stainless DOT approved brake lines were fabricated locally (Boise, ID) by Alternative Hose custom services. Finally, a K&N air filter, new fluids throughout, and a new set of Pirelli Scorpion Trail II tires were form/function perfect, as this is really an “urban scrambler” and these 90/10 tires are ideal for this purpose. I installed a new Klikfit locking bracket on a Timbuk2 pannier which seats on a UnitGarage pannier mount made for the K100 enabling the bike for “overnighter” camping trips. This is an example of what one can do with quality off-the-shelf components from some of the great vendors out there.