Honda CT 110 in multiple boxes,from multiple sources
Early power choices
1500w hub motor spoked in to a 18 inch rim and standard brake to match on the front
Kelly controler 7218s
Chop and extend rear gard
Kepspeed swing arm
Battery 52v 25ah
Loom and controls
Foot Peg box
Last 4 listed Parts used from Shanghai customs ecub kit
Eom metallic grey

Simple concept,
Build using materials easy to obtain, develop a list of required parts and where to get them, use only simple tools most people interested already have and stock components, use things off registered motorcycles so no compliance issues, read and understand the relivant ADR and NCOP14. Work with the engineering inspector along the way to ensure ease of compliance.
Top speed 65 kph
Safe real world range tested in Brisbane and Canberra, 25km, have achieved 38 km in ideal conditions which is not always available, under quote and over deliver.

V2 has greater range and 83 kph top speed, can’t be built by the average tinkerer, due to electrical engineering restrictions.