The build is a 1989 yamaha tt600, and is my first build, built in my garage over a 6 month period. I decided to create a scrambler that resembled the original bike but looked like it could have been a factory custom from back in the day.

The bike was accepted to the bike shed show in London on a half-assed sketch I had submitted in January so I really had to up the ante and pace to get it ready in time. It has a CB360 Tank fitted with new mounting points, I modified the subframe reusing the existing back end and shortening. I taught myself to weld so that I could perform these tasks.

The wheels are Excel 19″ x 3″ front, 17″ x 3.5″ back wheels laced to the original hubs wrapped Hiedenau K60 scout tyres.

The bike turned into a project due to a leaking headgasket so I Fully rebuilt engine with new piston and cylinder block (the previous owner trashed the last one) with an FMF muffler and Kawasaki Ninja 250 carburettors fitted.

Whilst the engine was apart I got everything vapour blasted then painted the engine in high temp paint. I made the seat base out of fibreglass and outsourced the covering to someone (as I didn’t want it to look Sh*t). I also made the rear mudguard out of fibreglass based off a mould I made of the original but cut to a better size. The bike has had a full rewire by myself and electrics relocated in a custom made battery box under the seat. The paint and powder coating is also outsourced and painted in pearl satin Subaru white and post box red respectively.

the bike is now ready to hit the road but waiting for the COVID to pass so I can get it MOT!