starting from the front:
We modified a c-racer mask to fit an LED headlight. On top of the mask we can find a motogadget tiny speedo, it’s configuration button and the neutral indicator light.
The handlebars are aluminum, powder coated black.
Front forks are the stock units which were serviced and added small spacers inside them to preload the springs a bit.
The stock CB 250 wheels are cast units so they had to go. We replaced them with spoked wheels from a Suzuki GN, changed the spokes with inox ones and powder coated the rims satin silver for a more classic look.
The frame and all the metal parts were also powder coated, in a matte black theme.
We decided to keep the airbox and the battery in place. We wanted this build to be as weather-proof as possible so having open filters is not the ideal solution. Also gets to keep the fuel consumption in normal levels.
Side covers were the next thing to address. These are laser-cut aluminum pieces, painted in a champange-silver color (found in a kawasaki color catalogue), matching the rear and front fender.
The tank is from a small 125cc Honda (probably) found in a yard sale.
The seat is stiched in high-quality marine leather. This leather is used mostly in yaghts and has special coatings to withstand sunlight and salt.
Rear-shocks are also form a Greek manufacturer, K-shock, specialized in shocks for small cc bikes and scooters.
Exhaust pipes is a two in one system ending in a supertrapp exhaust with a custom tip at the back.
The front and rear fenders are what give this build it’s codename. Shaped like an arrow head, the rear fender is a modified piece from an enduro bike.
We wanted to experiment with creating our own tail lights. After some trial and error we decided to go with a transparent laser-cut plexiglass that has a led tail-light at the hidden end. There is a second level (not visible in the photos) that works as the rear turn signals.