The bike was in a bad condition when I acquired it. Not running. Faulty electrical, bad carbs, and bike didn’t look nice, etc.

REAR WHEEL : 4.50x15r from a Kawasaki Vulcan; 150/80 tire (stock tire size 140/90).

CARB : Converted to single carb, 34mm flat slide.

ELECTRICAL : Uncluttered the electrical wirings by relocating most of the electrical switches unto a toggle-type, push-button switch board. Disabled the underseat fuel tank and utilized it as an electrical junction box and compartment for keeping spare electrical parts.

SEAT : Fiberglass single-seater, cowled underneath and detachable seatpan. Seat can be detached and replaced easily, if you wish to go for a long ride, just replace the seat with a thicker cushion. Underneath is covered with a white reflectorized sticker, creating a very nice effect and look when beamed by a light from behind.

FRONT BRAKE : From a stock single-piston, upgraded to a dual-piston from an XV535

HEADCOWL : Made a headcowl from a discarded helmet and car airfilter. Created this headcowl during the COVID19 lockdown.

REAR SUSPENSION : 230mm shorties

LIGHTS : Integrated tail light, bar-end turn signal lights, 5” base-mounted headlight.

HANDLEBAR : 7/8 Zero Drag Bar, low risers.

SIDEMIRRORS : Fork-mounted and low-level for that uncluttered look.

SPEEDOMETER : Digital-analog, smaller size.

EXHAUST : Had to fabricate the exhaust. When bike was purchased, it came with 2-1 pipe (non-stock).

BRAKE & CLUTCH LEVERS : Replaced the faulty stock brake master and bent clutch lever.

FUEL TANK / ARTWORK : Hand-painted lettering.

PAINT : D-I-Y aerosol painted some parts only. Im not particular with the cosmetics. I left some of its original paint untouched.