So I picked up the old girl from enfield, seized chain, dead battery, the thing looked like it had lived outside for all of its life, got it home on a Boxing Day and jumped it off a transit van with fresh fuel it fired up first click of the button, knowing it ran we ripped it down and started cutting until we were left with the main frame loop around the engine, that is all that is standard.

I have used:
CG125 tank
Knight seat base
R6 forks
Ktm hub and front brake
Triumph triple exhaust can
Cb1100 rear shocks

My father and I built the wheels using Akront rims and stainless spokes, made the seat subframe and electronics tray along with other brackets to get it looking the way it does now.

We made the exhaust from bends and off cuts with a true low level style as a tracker should be

We are both so proud of what we built in the garage it is such an incredible bike to ride