Hi there,

This started out as a not so good looking mid 90’s designed Honda CG125 so naturally I wanted to get rid of the horrible plastic fairings and the ugly fuel tank…. and thinking about it, most of the bike apart from the frame, rims and engine! I wanted to demonstrate that you can take a cheap bike and with a modest budget and tools transform it into something you’d be proud to ride.

The bike cost £380 and I spent about £1200 on it. To keep the costs down I used original parts where possible and I didn’t feel the need to add other expensive parts like upgraded brakes and shocks. I also used a paint from Ford, I’d seen it on the road and thought it would give the bike a contemporary look. I also had the accelerator cable holder on the carb painted the same colour to add detail. By adding small details like this I hoped it would set it apart form the other CG’s I’d seen.

Overall, the bike certainly gives you a lot of bang for your buck and I’m really pleased with it’s finished look. It’s modest but, I hope it goes to show that with a bit of thoughtful design you can have some fun and maybe make your mates a bit jealous too! Also… the exhaust sounds great and with the engine mods it pulls well too!

– Modified to hold and original 1970’s Honda Fuel Tank
– Rear kick hoop welded on
– Centre stand replaced with kick stand
– Front mounting point for mudguard and headlight
– Rear swing arm modified to accommodate new tires
– Black with fleck powder coat.

Fuel tank
– 1970s CG125 Fuel tank
– Re sprayed. The colour is from Ford’s colour range

– Custom fabricated base that also conceals the electrics
– Leather custom seat

– Full rebuild
– Powder coated to match frame
– Ram air pod filter
– Side slash exhaust
– New gold chain
– Re-jetted carb to suit new filter and exhaust
– Carb detail colour matched to fuel tank

– Li-Ion battery
– LED indicators
– Faster sparking unit

Front end
– Renthal low rise bars
– Original 70’s CG125 switch controls
– Brown gum grips
– Single bottom mounted headlight
– Simple speedo
– Rubber fork gaiters
– Custom front mudguard

– Standard CG125 chrome spoked rims
– Continental TKC-80 tyres

I completed all the work myself apart from the seat upholstery and the spray painting.