Building a scrambler with a CB500 base was kind of a “risky business”. This model is not very flexible for a full customization. The frame is conditioning every bodywork piece, so I decided to “hear” the frame and adapt its shapes to a completely new gas tank. The result was saving 5kg just in this part…

It followed changing all the cooling system, installing two aluminium Honda CR250 radiators just in front of the bike, after the fork. This modification required a “nice dress” to cover it, so this aluminium fairing came up following the new shapes in the front. The space between radiators was perfect for three headlights: one for high beam, one for road light and one for position.

A full new exhaust system was built as well as re-shaping the rear frame and covering the middle-rear part with a simple aluminium piece. Under the passenger seat there is room for some tools, documentation and a usb charging port. Unther the pilot seat we can find the electrical installation.

The original rims were dressed with 1mm thick aluminium covers.

Higher rear shocks and off-road tires complete the scrambler look.