Engine – top end rebuild, new cam chain and valves. Keihin Flatslide FCR41 carbs with velocity stacks.
Ignitech programmable ECU and complete rewire using the M-switch prox tag for the ignition switch.
Frame has been chopped and welded to accept a 1098 carbon fibre seat and subframe. A hyperpro shock has been fixed into place with a machined billet top mount and custom triangle plates at the bottom. A Triumph Speed Triple single sided swingarm is mounted in with a Yamaha R1 front end. An R6 radiator cools the engine with coolant running through silicone hoses. Holding the front end together are a set of milled triple clamps that took about 60hrs on the mill. The headlight is also handmade on the mill with a LED headlamp. Theres an Acewell series 80 analogue speedo/tacho. The exhaust was handmade to suit by Noel at Pipework Techniques.
Probably what astounded me the most about this bike was how much better it was over the original. The weight loss was marginal, but the power was much improved and cleaner. But it handled a whole lot better than the mushy original suspension. Topping it off is the pipes. Its really hard to compare, but this is one of the best sounding twins i’ve heard.