(As in all of my projects, all the modifications in this bike, every detail and parts like gas tank, exhaust system, panels, seats… were made by myself, as design, welding, metal shaping, milling, mechanical and electrical system. The only thing I didn’t do in this project was painting and the exhaust system).

• From the original model I only left the frame and the engine, but even in both of them I made some modifications.

• Has I can’t find carbs for this engine model I had it made (Keihin CR 35 mm) to increase engine power, that makes me change the lubrication system of the cylinder head. To do that, I made him in brass as we can see it in the right side of the carb.

• I also changed the radiator/oil cooler (ACTIVE ST13) and the complete exhaust system full titanium (ASAHINA RACING).

• Front fork it’s a SHOWA 43/25 mm system BPF. To adapt this front fork I draw and made a bracket front fork upper.

• The handlebar it’s a Renthal, were I installed the turn signal that I also made.

• I draw and build the tachometer.

• The front fender and all the supports are handmade.

• The front and rear wheel hubs are from a Ducati.

• Front and rear rims are Excel Takasago.

• The swing arm it’s from a Kawasaki Zephyr 1100 that I have modified to be a catch oil tank.

• I also made all the supports from the rear wheel and brake system.

• To the rear shock I contacted Öhlins that made h especially for this bike.

• The rear sets are from SPICE.

• The rear seat it’s on fiber and made express to this bike.

• All the electrical parts, including battery, are hidden under the rear seat. In the right side I adapted the breather crankcase engine. In the left side the ignition key, were I adapted an old portuguese coin to do the key.

• The seat is made on leather.

• Last thing, and one off the most complicated to do, was the gas tank, carbon fiber from outside and Kevlar from inside, and is a complete hand made.