Everything hand fabricated, cables and wires in frame and bars, nothing showing on bars. Fork is an exact copy of the 1934 Crocker. Since theer are only 7 in the world we had a guy in England send numerous pictures and measurements. The internal legs move upward and are held in place by a top tree that pulls UP on a center spring.
The “clutch” pack very closely resembles a Crocker pre-unit trans and clutch it is a sort of jackshaft arrangement the spins or moves independently of the sprockets. It is some sort of Triumph clutch plate found in parts bin.
The tank is completely hand fabricated from aluminum. The fuel taps are vintage Jawa speedway petcocks from England.
The rear wheel is a twin leading shoe front hub from a 1970s Honda 350. We use them for the narrowness. They are modified to accept a sprocket. The rear fender is from an old bicycle, and teh push bar was a shelf brace that fir perfectly.
All CDI and electrics are hidden in a plate down by teh lower frame and in the “magneto” box that the spark plug wire feeds through.
Only the little headlight bucket and the frame are painted, EVERYTHING else is either nickle plated as were the Crockers or polished aluminum.