Every part and surface of Pandora has been refinished or replaced. I removed tabs from the frame, cut off 6″ from the tail, powder-coated it black. The tank was banged to hell and back, so I sent it off to my buddy Jeff Yarrington for a fix-up and basic black paint. When I realized the front forks were donezo, I decided to do a 748/916 front end swap. The steering stem was pressed out, new bearings and larger stem pressed in, bigger forks, bigger brakes, yeehaw! With the new front end I could do lighter wheels with custom paint, and eliminated the gauge cluster and confangled speedo and tach (which was actually missing from my model of Monster anyway).

The mufflers are from Cone Engineering while the pie-cut exhaust was done by Little Horse Cycles, from Portland, OR. The custom seat was cut and shaped by me out of the stock Corbin seat, and the upholstery done by Shelby Shaffer with my design parameters being “tail cump stripe matches the tank with diamond stitching in the seat”. It’s got a bunch of extra flair… super-weird streetfighter headlight from a company called Shin-Yo (made in Germany) with custom brackets (fabbed by me), Rizoma brake reservoirs, Speedy Moto frame sliders and belt covers, Ducabike rear sets, and custom bits like the light indicator panel (fabbed and wired by me), bar-end turn signals, and hidden rear frame gem turn-signals.

Clocked top speed: 131 mph (this is just fun info, cause… yay speed)