Complete redo of the bike, using a significant amount of NOS and repop parts of the actual 1948 Panhead. Rocker covers, distributor, engine case covers, custom built exhaust with Panhead style heatshields, 1948 rigid fender, 1948 style centerstand, tombstone tailight, functional tank shifter, refaced speedo, cateye style dash, amber fog lights, hollywood handlebars, Motone switchgear, etc… All finishes are specific to the 1948 Panhead that was a first year Pan with the Springer front end, and Azure Blue as a one year color. There are over 100 custom or original style parts incorporated into this build to make a modern bike look 70 years old. The seat is a custom build using the original style leather for accurate skirting and texture. The matching saddlebags are very old NOS repops of the 1948 bags with original mounting system.