The Ram air Ducati started off as a bit of a pipe dream about 4 years ago, mostly because I had no idea how to execute such a thing. After a couple years of banging on metal, the idea came back and into a drawing and then finally in 2019, as covid-19 was brewing, it took shape in the metal. Using a fuel-injected 900SS as the base, I did some engine maintenance and powder coating, subframe modification and then got onto building the all in one gas tank, seat, air duct/box system.
Everything aside from paint (Action Auto body, Missoula) and upholstery (New Church Moto) was completed in house. The shapes of the tank and seat unit were inspired by a few different bikes and cars, but also kind of just from what came to mind as I tried to design some creative ram-air ducting that would visually flow ‘through’ the bike. Another point of the design was to make it fit taller riders a little better, I’m 6’1″ and felt cramped on the bike with the stock seat position. With a high flow/ram air intake, power commander and high flow one-off stainless exhaust, she totally rips and sounds great. I rewired most of the bike and added an M-unit blue, which also serves as the key with a smartphone. A high/low Rigid industries light is up front as well as led tail/brake and blinkers mounted in the tail cowling, which also houses the battery and fuses, easily accessible after pulling the seat off.
I’ve been having a ton of fun riding it around as my daily for the past few weeks, as riding season has finally arrived to western Montana. This one is now for sale, thanks for looking!