Code name: The Silver Sand. Chrome, yellow and sand-surfing-fun was the brief. We decided to go with a 60s trials/scrambler style, loosely taking inspiration from Ducati Scrambler 350, single seat with a very striking rear-fender and a more classic sub-frame. We were lucky enough to find a Hodaka tank online and we thought it was the perfect fit for this project. We color-matched the ochre-yellow from a Ducati Sport Classic and added the black stripe on top. Unfortunately it is not very easy to paint a chrome tank so we had to re-do it 3 times since each time the paint would chip-off easily. Later on we found out that it is completely air-tight so no gas was going down the carb. We added a hole to the tap to help with relieving pressure. The biltwell mini-canon exhaust is not what you call city-friendly. We had to add an extra silencer, taking inspiration from two-strokes of age to keep the tones down.

List of mods:
number plates from C-Racer
Lowered front fork
Tommaselli handlebars
Re-laced rims, powder coated
chromed front fender with Urban Mechanics badge. Each badge has the build number. This is Number 4. laser cut aluminium.
Hodaka tank. Came in Chrome. Painted it yellow, borrowing the colors from the old Ducati Scrambler. Small modifications to create mounts.
Redesigned Honda’s Logo to something simpler yet iconic. Laser cut aluminium.
DNA filter
chromed engine covers
new chain cover designed in-house
new exhaust pipes protection, more classic
small lithium battery
Biltwell canon exhaust with extra silencer to pass the MOT
Completely redesigned subframe but kept stock mounts
single seat with room for tools/blanked at the back.
Led taillight
rear turn signals on license plate
front bar-end turn signals
re-jetted carb
re-painted shock
powder coated frame