The Covid Custom Motorcycle Show couldn’t have come at a better time, We all were getting restless and bored due to lock down and was looking for ways to keep us busy. The announcement of the show was just the kick we needed and out came the tools, as the whole country was shut down we decided to use what was available in house and make the whole motorcycle with what we could find in our scrapyard.

The bike we chose for the build was 1999 Yamaha RX 135,A cult Motorcycle of the eighty’s era, The goal was set and the grind Began,We strip down the bike to the last component, removed all the unnecessary mount points and fixtures to make it lighter and give it a clean look, The bike ran great but lacked the braking force and this diet regime made the matter much worse so we added a front disk setup and to make it sound bad-ass we fabricated a custom exhaust with pieces of old discarded exhausts.The Whole Process took us 12 Days to complete The Build.

We decided to stick with Time tested combo of black and white for the paint and jazzed it up with the free hand paintings . The whole process not only was fun it gave lots of hope and motivation to the team hence we decided to Name the Motorcycle “HOPE”