An exercise in reviving a bike and letting it find itself off the beaten path. 100,000 miles of unknown mechanical provenance was slowly set right. Luckily, the Germans built it stout. After the usual maintenance dance of fluids, filters, pads, valves, etc, it was on to modifications. UNI filters replaced a cracked airbox. The bent subframe was exposed, straightened, and modified to accept a narrow Aprilia seat. Worn paint was stripped away from the dented tank to see what shined beneath, and 70’s era motosport logos found their way to the sides. Quick release luggage mounts from SW Motech were fitted front and rear. ADV-spec tires were fitted to allow some off-road antics. All in, I pulled slightly more than 50 lbs of unneeded bits from the bike and lowered the seat two inches. The broad-shouldered BMW is now wasp-waisted and ready to tear through the city, or, with the quick addition of soft bags, serve as a camping base to explore the mountains around Colorado.