New rear end with a led in the tube, hand made seat based on a piece of wood,CNC rear sets, performance kit by British Custom with new filters and a new batterie box, rebuilding the carbs with dynojets to get a bit more fun out of this 70k kilometers engine, new exhaust with the classic look but a way better sound, clip on bars, white grips (now black…), new levers, front light brackets, cut the front fender, Motone push bottom and a M.Unit.
My father was a motorcycle racer in the 90’s so he help me a lot with the small things but for the special things like the M.Unit and push bottom it was more difficult. It took us a mouth to finally start it again cause I put every cable off and we restart from nothing, find an electrical plan of the bike and try every night to find the configuration.
Now I ride it for the second summer and I’m fully in love with it. It turn like nothing else and the motor is mind blowing, it scream up to ~9000. My mum ear me coming home kilometers away hahaha. Every body pay attention to it when we go ride in the mountains so I’m very proud of what we build me and my father.