We took a 999 and transformed it into something unique. The goal was to strip it down as far as possible to give it a raw, no-frills, all-business look. While simultaneously adding subtle, style accents to give it just enough panache to walk the fine line between form and function. The keys to utilizing a 999 were the aggressive tank, the alien-esque front lamp assembly (that we powdercoated down to each bolt-head), and the fact that the tail and seat are independently-supported so with some metal fabrication to the subframe, the seat floats freely. We also relocated the plate mount, separated and cut the exhaust back, then re-mapped the ECU to accommodate. After removing the bodywork, satellite coolant overflow and oil breather tanks (which are gold now) were incorporated. Along with removing the clutch and cam belt covers, extensive powdercoating, custom anodizing, and a tank that was stripped down to bare metal then half painted, and half left bare with just a clear-coat and gold pinstripe separating the two were added. Plus an array of other aftermarket goodies: grips, reservoirs, mirrors, rear-sets, exhaust cans, LED rear taillight and signals, radiator/oil cooler screens, power commander, etc. We chose to upgrade to an ‘05 swingarm as opposed to swapping to a custom single-sider. Primarily because most modern-era Ducati Superbikes are factory equipped with singles. So a factory-issued double-sided actually sets it apart from other Bologna Bullets. ?