Bike Build
Handmade skinny small(peanut) Tank using panel beating methods, and basic shapes were made out of cardboard for references. Cutting out shapes, and then making them in metal, was an interesting process of the build. Its intentionally placed a bit towards, the seat, as the custom house is quiet inspired by Japanese style Bobbers. 7.5 litres capacity is decent enough for a short run for a motorcycle which gives 40kms per litre.
The motorcycle is not chopped anywhere, but gets an in house hand built longer and broader swingarm to get the right stands and it is always fun with a low rider.
The older Enfields had a rather elaborate starting procedure,and one of the rituals was to decompress the engine before the final kick was delivered to get the engine running. This decompressor was activated by a lever that generally sat on the handlebar.
The Decompressor on the Lynx, however, is operated directly off the tappet cover with a little cable-replete with a hoop to slip your finger into in order to tug at it-and is a fantastic little detail that is easy to miss if you aren’t observant enough.
The seat and upholstery are testament to the fact that the builder is quite multi faceted. The seat pan was fabricated out of mild steel in house and upholstery was done in-house too, by the builder himself.
The switch consoles have been distributed on the front strategically placed to keep the handlebars clean. one has to watch closely to find out retro style pull push switches on the bike.
The tailight and headlight is from Lowbrow Customs. Shinko classic rear 16′ tires and front is stock RIB pattern MRF 19″. Choice of tires were key for this build. Didn’t lose the stock front tire and rear Shinko Classic does an awesome job. If you are someone who knows the tricks of pulling a wheelie then its easier on this retro looking bobber. The stock air filter box have been removed and replaced with a K&N air filter for performance. Most weight is taken out of this motorcycle making it lighter and turned in to something like a skateboard you switch to commute locally. Also this bike is a cusp of Frisco style and Japanese Bobber.
A black paint-job, with the outfit’s name stenciled on the tank, lends for a very classy and clean aesthetic. All in all,the main priority of the brief for this custom was for it to be a fully functioning motorcycle to be ridden in a carefree manner. And that is exactly what the Lynx has turned out to be.