The motorbike is a Ducati Multistrada 1000 SDS first serie from 2005 that has full ohlins suspension, the idea was to have a very rideable motorbike, without an extreme riding position, this is why we chose with our client a Multistrada and the reason why we put rised clip-on handlebars.
The design is intented to be modern with a lot of angles and edges with a very sharp shape.
We made everything from a metal sheet of aluminium, shaping and welding it in our workshop by ourselves, we tried to recall the shapes in every single part of the bodywork, we even made two seat cover, because we weren’t satisfied from the first one. We decided not to paint the bodywork, leaving it only with a contrast of polished stripes over a satin finish in order to obtain a vintage racing style on a modern surface. We started making a new tail section of the frame and then we decided to have a self carrying seat, this was possible extending the fuel tank base and using 4mm alluminium with internal reinforcements.
We kept some carbon fiber parts all along the bike to underline the racing soul of Ducati, that are the front fender, the timing-belt covers and the final part of the exhaust.
We purchased some minor billet parts, like the clip-ons and the oil tanks for front brake and clutch.
We used two pod filters from DNA under the tank, more to save space than for performance, in fact at the Dyno Test we gained only 2 hp also because we wanted a linear power delivery. The muffler is an Exan x-black EVO, we collected the universal one in order to have the maximum freedom to place it on the bike. it’s made in stainless steel and carbon fiber. The clutch is a slippery dry clutch from STM Italy.
The instrument is a Koso DB01R (quite tricky to make it work with every single function of the bike) , we had to make a new wiring and since Ducati has the immobilizer inside the original istrument, we had to turn it off directly from the ECU.
We tried to semplify as much as we can the electrical system, triyng to remove anything isn’t essential, it was quite hard, sadly there wasn’t enogh space under the tank for the battery, so we made an aluminum battery box under the seat.
All the lights are full led and the rear turn signals has the tail lights integrated.
There’s also the chance to switch from a single seater to a double removing the aluminium tail and putting the rear foot pegs (they were modified to work also as muffler holder).