There are major changes on this bike. The frame was chopped on the rear redesigned and the mid section was all cleaned so that the bike has a more light look, proper from a race bike. We’ve built a new tank and also a rear fairing behind the seat. The taillight was inserted on the rear fairing.

The seat as a mix of black leather and grey trim. Beneath the seat there’s the electric box, with a lithium battery and all the electrics needed. On the left side of it we’ve putted the RFID ignition system, the bike has no keys. Motogadget Tiny speedo was fitted on the bike and also 5 3/4” headlight and Motogadget M-Blaze indicators. We’ve fitted very small handlebar switches to use the indicators.

We’ve fitted a pair of rear sets and sporty rear footpegs. Handlebar was specific searched and choose for this bike, we didn’t wanted to use the most common models we’re used to see. We’ve built the handlebar grips (CNC), fitted simple cable brake and clutch levers and we’ve placed on a new section of the bike the front brake master cylinder. This way the bike looks lighters also when we look to the handlebar. The rear brake also operates diferently and the fluid for the rear brake goes through the center of the swingarm. We’ve tried to have a lot of technical details different from previous models we’ve built and have the bike as cleaned as possible. These are new challenges we give to ourselves to go further on the builds we do.

We’ve fitted Ohlins rear schocks and front springs.
We’ve fitted 18” rims with stainless spokes and Firestone Deluxe Champion tires. We’ve built the metal air intakes and painted white.
We’ve built the entire stainless exhaust system.
We’ve built both mudguards and the rear one holds the number plate.

The painting was influenced by what was done at the time, which created the sensation of movement with classic colors.