This build is based on 2006 Royal Enfield Electra. It is commissioned by a well-known Architect who understand and follow same design philosophy as me, which is why this project got leaned more towards design, particular stance & craftsmanship. I can say that all the work you can see in the bike represents my skills and ability of designing or fabrication or anything related to building motorcycles. Whatever I have learned in past five years, I tried to implement each of those skills into this build.
Apart from Engine & Wheels everything is handmade by me. The concept of this bike was to showcase true craftsmanship of building anything without layering it with something or in simple words hiding.
The very Main part of the bike which is frame, is handmade by me out of 304 Seamless Stainless-Steel pipe. I have never built a full frame before so it was quite a challenging phase for me specially when I was building it without any JIG or advanced fixtures. Initially I built one frame JIG gathering information from internet but Just used it to weld neck with front rail.
Plus it’s an era of social media where I can see crazy amount of talented work via Instagram or on sites like yours which always boost me to improvise my skills and achieve better results and specially it takes so much of motivation when I am living in a country where custom bike building is not legal. Plus, no such culture or advance tools or equipment’s available to work like what builders doing in other countries.
The Purpose of keeping everything bare metal finish is not understandable to everyone but at least for me it shows you the craftsmanship or skills of the builder as there are no layers of paint or body filler or anything and which is why you can see all the joints, welds, bends, lines and everything so clear which is done in a single attempt.
So, I got lucky at the right time with the right client who follows same work & design philosophy as mine. He is very well-known Architect & Designer who works with brass and wood specifically plus admires the hand-built things the most.
He approached me after seeing my Baroda Bobber build, he was in love with the lines and stance of that build that we decided to do something which can be the next expression of that build using my improvised skills to achieve better results in terms of craftsmanship.
I don’t work with renders or drawings to imagine the lines or shapes but I do that process in my head and start putting each element one by one to achieve the final design.
I started the work of frame firstly using 304 Seamless Stainless-Steel pipe. As I was going to build full frame for the very first time, I did some research on internet and made frame Jig to build perfect align frame but as I was used to do it without those professional tools, I end up using that Jig only for joining neck to front rail and rest I did without JIG! Kind of self-alignment.
In the first phase I built half portion of the frame holding the 350cc Enfield Block & started figuring out front springer forks dimensions & design. It was kind of my dream to build springer front end but was waiting for right design and time. I wanted to spend good amount of time to make it perfect in working as well as aesthetics. I made up mind in the beginning that I need to do multiple attempts as I have no CAD drawings or blueprints of dimensions and design etc. But luckily, I made it close to perfect in the very first attempt and I think it’s the most beautiful part of the build. Its also made out of 304 stainless steel pipe while springs are manufactured by local spring manufacturer as per my dimensions.
Later on, instead of going to back side of the frame, I started working on the shape of tank as I wanted to create the back portion flowing from front via tank and so. I was also so clear about splitting the tank in two portions to hide all the electrical items and battery.
There are two portions you can see as a tank, separating with a pipe welded on Backbone of the frame. Left side portion is actual fuel tank which can hold around 6liters of fuel while other half is just a cover to hide all the electrical stuff. Pop-up gas cap is used to keep the lines very clear and in one level while fuel cock is an antique item I found on Amazon which is of Tractor fuel supply.
After finishing tank portion it was time to build rear portion of the frame and I really wanted to do something different than common hardtail frames. After figuring out curves of rear frames and axle plates, I cut down backbone and two rear subframe pipes in such a way which can looks like two rear pipes taking birth from one backbone pipe. I think its looking simple, clean and seamless now.

Any welding on the frame or front end is Stainless-steel Arc welding and not TIG welding. I tried to make every weld perfect so that I don’t need to grind them to look good, just leaving them as it is to look real raw.
Coming to the handlebar, I really wanted to keep it very clear this time which directed me to internal throttle assembly and Inverted clutch cable setup to hide the cable and any extra brackets. As I was using internal throttle, it was not possible to use inverted lever for front brake setup plus hydraulic brakes can’t work that way so I decided to do both the front and rear brake operations using single foot pedal.
When we talk about brakes, you already know that I have done perimeter disc setup before for the Baroda Bobber build, which is one of a kind in my country as well as one of a kind in the world specifically on an Enfield. So, I decided to give my signature touch to enhance overall design and putting out some extraordinary details in terms of craftsmanship and functionality. Used single piston brake callipers for the front and rear using custom made hydraulic brake lines.
Wheels are 19inches stock ones using Firestone Deluxe Championship rubber.
All the Hand controls and foot control grips made out of aluminium using lathe machine, A very simple form to highlight the material as well as overall design. Velocity stack Air filter is made out of solid bar of aluminium as well.
Exhaust is original Enfield Bend pipe and not fabricated by me. I just love the flow of stock bend pipe that I really wanted to use that merging in the line of frame. But unfortunately, I had to cut it from middle and re-join it in specific angle to match the lower frame lines. It came out pretty well and exhaust note is so pleasant to hear from that cast iron block, it literally take you to another world while driving on open roads.
Headlight is made in USA (OZ USA), which adds great style of 90’s vintage motorcycles.
I think yes that’s all the details about the build.