I started this project by sketching a bike that I wanted,
including the design and pattern of the new fuel tank.
Then, I contacted a trusted garage named “Aoo Design Custom”
Aoo is skilled and understands how to custom a motorcycle well.
The whole process begins with removing multiple parts into pieces
until only the engine and frame left,
then gradually assembling it back in with new items that are lighter and only needed.
Starting with the new custom gas tank made by hand to be smaller but sufficient for use.
The front suspension is Classic Springer Forks to go back to the 1940s
and zero drag handlebars that have been cut short for agility.
The front wheel is changed to 19″ and fitted with a 19 x 4.00 tire.
The rear is 16″ wheel with a 16 x 5.00 tire. Both tires are from “Firestone”.
The front and rear brake-discs have been changed to Floating Disk Brake
and use the caliper from the “Performance Machine”,
including the Hand Control Set from the “Performance Machine” as well.

For the engine, this model actually uses the factory fuel injection system,
which has been changed to the Carburetor system from “S&S Super E”
and uses Carburetor Cover without Filter from “Fork”.
The engine oil vapor tube has been custom-built — Valve Covers from “Covingtons”
and Stainless Exhaust Systems that was rebuilt by hand.
The Forward Controls from “Performance Machine”
have been moved to higher positions for better cornering.
The seat is changed to a spring type for providing lighter weight, and a seat base was completely rebuilt.

The rear fender is also rebuilt by hand and uses the turning lights
and rear lights from “Kuryakyn”, which are hidden under the swingarm.
The front turn signals from “Motogadget” are also hidden.

This project took approximately four months to complete,
including powder coating several parts.
Finally, I got the Harley-Davidson that is lighter, smaller.