Everything is homemade and I do not use any subcontractor.
This is important to me because a café racer was originally a motorcycle from the proletarian classes who could not afford to pay for the sport bikes of the time … So a motorcycle built using expensive parts or manufactured and sold as expensive or more than a current sports motorcycle, can not be called café racer … in my humble opinion, obviously.

This is why, I bought this speed triple, very inexpensive and that it cost me almost nothing, except the sweat on my forehead

All carbon parts are 100% home made and unique: rear hull, fairings, and windscreen.
lowered renegade jeep headlights.
100% home made aluminum protection.
Counter aligned with the triple clamp.
RFID chip start-up.
Brushed pickled tank and PU BI varnish comp.
Lowboy exhaust, all anti pollution / noise suppressed flanges.
Venturi inlet cones.
Result 140 cv / 185kg