The idea of this bike was to be a minimalist, performance inspired machine based around a Kiwi Indian flathead engine. The wheels are custom made 23” front and 20” rear. The front fork legs and rear swing arm were fabricated from tapered tubing, sourced from an early ‘30s Ford car suspension. The handmade front girder fork is suspended by a single monoleaf leaf spring, inspired by early Indian motorcycles. The single downtube frame contains the engine oil as, as well as conduits for the electrical wiring. The taillight is mounted in the frame, underneath the handmade seat. The fuel tank features a splash plate, shaped from 3/8” thick aluminum, and pass-through tube to fill the engine oil in the frame. The Kiwi engine was detailed with a machined oil filter housing and filter, stainless steel oil lines, machined velocity stack on a Mikuni carb, Morris magneto, brushed stainless steel exhaust, and chain driven alternator from a Kubota tractor. The alternator was modified to look like a generator and house the electrical components of the bike. The rear swing arm is supported by an offset leaf spring. Both the front and rear spring perches are adjustable to allow for changes in ride height. The rear suspension is dampened by a single mono shock under the bike. The left foot control incorporates the clutch linkage, and the right foot peg swings out of the way, while simultaneously rotating the kickstarter into place. Chain tension is controlled by a modern automotive belt tensioner, modified with a chain sprocket. The rear sprocket brake features a machined cover over the ISR 6-piston caliper.