Ybr 125 is a small commuter which I was already aware that it was going to be challenging to give her a racer look. I made some artificial concept designs to my satisfaction and started stripping her down once I knew what changes had to be made. I had a small budget and wanted to see if one can also complete a beautiful cafe racer with such savings in hand. It pushed me to avoid purchasing off the shelf parts, keep most of the originals components and still achieve a sporty racer yet a classical look. First off I changed the angle and the position of both the tank and the headlight which gave me a low profile and a streamlined upper edge. Next thing was to design and fabricate a new seat which follows the streamline and the proportions of the overall bike, at the same time capable of hiding the battery and the relays. Most of the chassis modifications were done under the seat. The original components I kept but slightly modified were; headlight assembly, muffler, right side footpeg mounting bracket. I did not try to improve anything regarding the power output since its a ~10hp. The sound was not great but gained a rambling effect when I removed the air induction breather from the airbox so I kept it and hid it under the tank. The handling was not as agile as it used to be but the larger tyres were totally worth the tradeoff. My humble opinion on this project is that its a nice example of one can achieve an eye catcher cafe racer with very little budget plus lots of thinking, planning, determination and hardwork.