Thanks for looking at my build, its been very fun to create. This started with a frame and fork i was given years ago when i used to work at a bicycle shop. The engine was bought from princess auto and was originally used in my highschool project go kart i made years ago. After having the frame sit around for years, i finally began to cut and remove the bottom bracket. From there i made the cradle that holds the Honda engine. The cradle also allows for independent tension adjustment of the left and right chains. A 1/2″ shaft and sprockets transfers the drive from the left, to the right side of the vehicle where it then drives the rear wheel. The generic utility sprocket was adapted to fit the bicycle freehub by centering and welding it to a single speed bicycle sprocket. The two 24″ downhill wheels (yes, 24″ downhill bikes used to be a thing) are wrapped in Maxxis Hookworm tires. Before final welding the whole frame was squared up to make sure the bike rides well, but also to ensure that the twin chain system functioned without issue.
I named this bike “Deathtrap” because of the lack of safety features. Two uncovered chain drives, one unsheilded header that’s always close to your leg. Oh, and front brake only (at least for the time being). The exhaust header is made from chromed tube that was salvaged from an old table. The fuel tank is a modified fire extinguisher to which I TIG welded a filler neck from a transport truck. A hand-lathed fitting on the end that allows me to run a universal fuel petcock. The tank is also fitted with a solid brass Borg Warner fuel cap. Despite the bike name, it actually drives very well, tracks straight and turns well. The torque from the 5HP Honda is just strong enough to provide plenty of fun. The 8″ hydraulic disc brake up front provides ample stopping power without making the long forks feel unstable under braking. I decided to leave the original paint and uncovered welds as it ads a ratty, unfinished look to the bike that I’ve liked ever since i started working on this project.
I would like to thank the people at Pipeburn. Your website has been my homepage for years and i always enjoy your content. And if it wasn’t for the online bike show, i might not have been motivated to finish this project, but I’m glad I did. I hope you enjoy seeing my creation.

Alex Floro