I started off this build with two old “High Nelly” Bicycles. ( old vintage Bicycles that were a common form of transport in Ireland ) These became the donors for the Frame, which I added the bottom frame loop, ( Part of an old barstool) The top frame tube was extended and another added to mount the tank and the tube for the jackshaft bearings was mounted. I used the old Forks which I braced and then added an extra down tube drilled out. Gas tank was made from some old steel shelving I had lying about with filler cap made from a 24 mil thread bolt and nut (which I made round using the angle grinder and drill as a kind of lathe) Gas tank held to frame using loops and brass acorn nuts. Fuel lines are Brass and a glass inlíne fuel filter is used. Handlebars are from the vintage “High Neilly” (which uses a lever and bar system for brakes) moved their position to give them a more Racey look and modified them so now right lever works the throttle, and left lever works the Band brake on the rear wheel. Also mounted a hand activated brake which acts on the drive drum. Handlebars also have a kill switch for engine and Brass and Leather wrapped grips. The saddle is an original vintage Brooks deluxe sprung unit. Engine is a Honda 5 hp OHV unit from a Generator. It was about to be scrapped as it had a hole in the crankcase. I rescued it, spit the cases, had the hole repaired, and aslo had a keyway and tapped hole machined into the crankshaft. Rebuilt engine and removed old cord pull starting mechanism. As the engine looked too “Modern”, I fabricated a false head to fit over the original, complete with dummy valve lifters and Pushrods.. Mounted a sproket to the crankshaft using the key and bolt I had machined. This connects via cháin to the jackshaft ( made from an old Harley axle) which then transfers the puwer to the right of the Motorcycle, and drives the rear wheel via chain and a centrifugal clutch. Starting the motorcycle is done by kicking the pedal Crank ( another original High Nelly part) which is attached to the jackshaft via chain and rear reewheel sprocket ( again another High Nelly part) welded to jackshaft. This turns the engine over and when it starts, it freewheels. Exhaust was made from some old steel tubing I had. Just visible in picture is the sidehack I attached, ( Third wheel) which carries a Whiskey Barrel, thus the name The Whiskey Chaser. Build in my garage/shed with basic tools, using mostly bits of scrap metal and two old rusty bicycles I had lying about.
Thanks for looking and also A Big Thanks to Pipeburn
CHEERS, Noel Connolly