The donor bike had an accident so we got it fairly cheap and asked K&N if the would like to sponsor the build. After the got on board we decided to use their colors on a flat track inspired race bike.
Engine was upgraded with ported cylinders and heads so from 250cc we ended up in 380 cc displacement. Upgraded brakes came along with the increased power so a huge 300mm floating disc was added. New risers, rizoma handlebars and grips for control and a custom made billet aluminum headlight bracket holds a sportster led headlight.
New tank to change the style since the original one was destroyed, and a completely new tail section built from scratch. Custom seat and a billet license plate holder since the bike is road legal (fenders were removed after approval)
The wheels are new (this bike had mags from the factory) and improved tires.
New exhaust, new rear suspension and obviously all filters provided by K&N
Hope you love this project.