Full ground up custom build. Used a Permanent Magnet motor kit which is used to convert an ICE (internal combustion engine)Motorcycle to electric. Decided to mount the Motenergy motor and batteries as low as possible to help with center of gravity. Frame was constructed with scrap tubing I had lying abour, (use what you got) went with a hard tail, front forks are my own design, Rocker style with adjustable gas shock mounted in front of Handlebars. Used a lot of Bicycle parts to help keep the weight down, Surly Fat Bike Rims, with Vee Rubber tyres. Shimano hubs and rotors. Went with a Performance Machine rear brake for stopping power. Got the large rear sprocket from Sportsman Flyer. I used lithium Ion batteries, 48volt pack, with an Alltrax Speed controller. Twist throttle in an electronic unit from Magura. Faíríng is made from Aluminium. Made up my own tool to punch the Louvers,( my favourite part of the build, and it worked quite well) and engineturned the whole thing by hand using a scotchpad. My thumb was sore for days afterwards. Used an old Harley clutch Derby cover as a engine sproket cover and Had Tony the engraver work his magic on it. No gears, just rwist and go.
Fun bike to ride, (instant power with an Electric) it’s never gonna beat any long distance records, but that’s wasn’t what I built it for.I am a petrol head, through and through, but Electric Motorcycles are exciting, from a design view, but also as a riding experience. Only time will tell what happens next.