We seek from the beginning a good retro and vintage style We used a 1987 Harley Davidson naphtha tank with double fuel discharge, which we had to make from scratch in bronze. This bike has many details made around aluminum, bronze and copper. We seek to achieve a motorcycle with many clean and neat details in all its essence.

We manufacture a handle by hand in aluminum and we turn optics, pedals, mittens in the same material so that they are in tune.
The bike ends with an old bicycle seat that is inspired by the English motorcycles of the 40s; Another detail of another planet is the rear blind rim, especially custom-made for this project, which gives it a small futuristic touch (sometimes we can not go against our natural instincts since we really like the futuristic) between both vintage.
The naphtha tank is painted in two colors, at first glance the tank looks black but when seen against the light it has a reddish background, both the logo of the workshop and the stars are golden, and it ends in a manufactured aluminum lid by hand designed especially for our workshop.