This was a very fun project for us. We were really excited to work on this bike as it was an inline four. So we cut the sub frame end and shortened it. We also fabricated a new seat pan for it. The exhaust is again fabricated in such a way that it sounds more like a sports car rather than an inline four. The clip-on handle bars are CNC machined. The head light mount and the instrument cluster mount are fabricated in house. The head light is an aftermarket and the cowl is again fabricated. The belly pan and the air intake panels are fabricated as well. It’s got CRG bar end mirrors and the header pipes are heat wrapped. It also has a LED tail light. We had a plate made to cover up the original handle mount and the plate had our logo laser etched on it. The little details is all that counts and we didn’t want to compromise on the detailing.

Hope you guys like this one too!