from the donor bike i keep the frame, engine and gas tank. The original gas tank was cute welded and reshaped and joined to the rear
end creating a monocoque all of it was hand shaped in sheet metal. The rear part of the monocoque was something that i design and sketched a lot and for me there was the problem of in the end the guy that was going to do it didn’t do it exactly like i wanted to so i put my skills to it and design it in 3D after that i print that model in ABS in my 3d printer at the office, and with that i had a perfect 1/1 scale model of what i wanted. And having the 3D printed model there where no way things cold go wrong in the sheet metal department and has i predicted things when real smooth with the help of that Model and son enough i had
my monocoque ready i think it take one week to do the tank and the rear.
Also the fairing was a challenge cause i had an idea for it and there was nothing matching the measurements so i whent using one that i already had and reshaped it making the top line parallel with
the bottom one and turning it a lot more slimmer so it cold fit the idea that i have for it.

-the wheels are super moto 17” wheels. the rear wheels as the original hub that come with it and the front wheel has a Super Tenere hub so it can fit the Yamaha R1 front end with two Brake Clamps also wit the wheels we needed to machine spacers to fit the disk rotors to the wheels and also fabricate suportes for the
-Change the rear lights to a very clean led he’d light that fits the rear perfectly, the gauges where change by a Motogadget motoscope mini, and the ignition was changed to a m-lock and the battery was change for a lithium battery that is underneath the rear tail of the monocoque.
-The brakes the old Brembo brakes that came with the bike where change for more modern brakes.
-The engine was open clean and changed all the parts needed and replaced all the gaskets.
-The suspension in front are Yamaha R1 suspension also opened and restored all the needed parts also as the rear showa shocks. -In the exhaust we maintain the manifolds and the exhaust tips where also design in cad and hand made in the exact measurements
in the end staying exactly as pretended.