This is my custom scrambler I built over a period of year or so. I liked the specs and proportions of the Scrambler design but wanted a larger tank and to try an alternative aesthetic. I had never built a motorcycle tank but with patience and the help of CAD, I was able to build this tank that matched my sketches. I 3d scanned the frame where the tank would live and built it all in Solidworks. I then laser cut a wooden buck of the cross-sections to shape the metal around. The sheet metal was cut exactly from my CAD file by laser and TIG tacked in place. The seat use the original stock pan with added foam to improve riding position. I made no modifications to the frame, to ensure everything was just bolt-on. The rear tail light was cast from a 3d printed mold, side panels are hand-formed aluminum, top and side tank racks are CNC cut aluminum and a JEEP headlight for forwarding illumination. Lots of small custom machined parts, to improve my machining and fabrication skills. Its running added Denali illumination upfront and added bits from Astroscrambler. The front fender is from an early 2000s Ducati monster trimmed down. This bike has been a fulfilling experience to improve my fabrication skills, and its a blast to ride.