Started off with a practically new XG750. First thing I noticed is that for such a small bike it was very heavy. I borrowed a swing arm off of a Ducati 748 which was about 15 pounds lighter than the Harley swing arm. Figuring out how to fit the shock linkage was a big undertaking since there just wasn’t enough room to fit it. I had to cut into the frame and reinforce it in order for the Ducati linkage to fit. It was a tight fit, but worked perfectly. I used a Yamaha R1 front forks because I was familiar with them and they are awesome forks. I wanted to keep this bike thin and light so I used a tank off of a Honda CB200T, but there was no way I was fitting the stock fuel pump in there. So I decided to use an external fuel pump that I ordered from Summit Racing. It was a huge pain in the ass to find space for a big fuel pump, regulator, fuel filter, and all the fuel lines, but the seat hump was a perfect spot for all of it. Moto Gadget helped with the electronics and Purpose Built Moto supplied the headlight. The exhaust has to be my favorite part of this bike. It wasn’t easy to make them high mounts but it was totally worth it . It looks amazing and it sounds even better. The bike was painted by Tim Gordon up in northern Wisconsin and powder coating was done by Wiscoat here in Milwaukee.