Let the legacy begin, Peter approached me as hes always love the way my builds look
We got on like a house on fire straight of the bat, we both collaborated on this build with peters influences along with my own , we both wanted a vintage feel to the bike keeping it ridable for the daily, easy to maintain and lookin gud !

Lets start at the front

Front of the bike stock headlight , blinkers and speedo has been removed , new brackets for head light , blinkers and speedo mount has been measured/fabricated and sent to lazer cut for an accurate cut the finish is powder coated in satin black.

Rectifier has been moved from front and placed behind the radiator with custom bracket again lazer cut and powder coated for a professional look

Stock Handle bar, mount and triple clam has been completely removed , fabricated new bracket and bar to match the low café racer look , heavily modified the triple clamp to allow the speedo to be tucked into the bike closer, lazer cut and powder coated in satin black

New mirrors installed and new smaller aluminium turn signals installed and wired up to the new wiring, I have completely stripped the front wiring section and tidy up all the wires hiding most of the wires as much as possible this was quite a big task as all the wires were inside the stock head light spend about 1 day just on this alone.

Exhaust was a custom one off hand made / welded as you can see for yourself quite a lot of time spent getting it right and making sure they were both the same and matching

I have removed all the tabs on frame cutting/grinding them off also removed the rear brake fluid reservoir which is now installed on the side of the sprocket cover , a new smaller reservoir was installed and I did an exact cut out into the sprocket cover so that its flush and neat once again powder coated this bracket.

Rear rim is a custom made one off item removing the old 17” rim replacing it with a new 16” rim, the hub was sent off to America for the special rim to be made and sent back to aus , then was sent to wheel lacing shop for lacing and alignment once sent back to me , I then wrapped the rims in 16” 500 fire stone tires , front with 18” 400 fire stone tires

Air box removed and all the wires has been re-wired and all sensors, relays and fuse box is hidden under the seat in a custom box that was built

Seat started off as a block of foam and I had an existing café racer seat which part of the hump came from from this I made a plug and spent about a week sanding and correcting the seat making sure it fit perfectly once this was done , I then made a mould of the seat out of fiberglass , once complete the actual fiberglass seat was laid up about 6 layers of fiberglass was used to have a strong and durable seat lasting for a very long time

The rear of the frame was shorten as the astatic of the bike looked better with a slightly shorter rear end about 4” shorter than stock once this was completed a new rear section was tig welded into place sanded down looking like it was meant to be there in the first place.

A custom seat pan for our trimmer was also made to have a seamless flow between café racer seat and tank

Finally it needed some cool ass paint went over to another Pete from Cutting Edge paint the paint magician, simple but effective retro but modern that was the request and its bang on!!