This bike was built in the Superb Mod Challenge Competition, held by Malaysian motorcycle manufacturer, Modenas and MotoNation as event organizer. Only three workshops will be chosen to compete in this event so they held an interview. During the interview i was asked what will i build in this competition, i simply answered “cafe racer” because it is the most commonly known custom bike in Malaysia, even among Modenas execs and honestly i dont even think that i will get chosen, so i was not prepared for that question. The law of the competition stated that we were free to build what ever we wanted as long as we cannot cut the frame at all as it was illegal in Malaysia. Luckily i was chosen and i knew i wont build a cafe racer. I have always have this image of bike in my head that i wanted to build but never had the chance because i dont have the money to do it and if it was a clients’ bike, i have to follow their choice/design. Plus, i was competing with two of the best custom builder in Malaysia, so i did not even think about wanting to win. I just wanted to build this bike and get in out from my head. So here it is, it was inspired by lots of elements such as the Raleigh Chopper bicycle, Honda Dax, Bosozoku motorcycle, touring bicycle, young and urban lifestyle and the streetwear culture. The colour scheme was inspired by the Supreme brand. It was my first time making a monocoque bodywork so it was very challenging plus, this bike has to be built in only 26days. In the end, i won the first prize and i heard that the jury was Mr Neil Blaber from the AMD Championship and what more interesting, even this bike was targeted to a younger demographics, some older people loves it too because it reminds them of their good old days on their chopper bicycle with their friends. But even so, i know some of the Modenas execs doesnt like this bike because it was not the custom bike they are familiar with.