We wanted to see more of the rear frame and have the taillight ‘’enclosed’’ in its own mini cowl that would share the same lines with the shortened seat for a slick look. The tail and bottom subframe cover are made in one aluminum piece. New battery box that houses the original components and an Antigravity Lithium battery. The frame was coated ceramic using Cerakote in burnt bronze color.

The front fork is original, the new top triple clamp has been CNC machined by OTR Performance in Germany. Clip-ons are up-raised ones from LSL, giving a more aggressive look without the sports bike low position. Our friends at Brembo Italy provided us the 19RCS brake and the 17RCS clutch master cylinder, with some dark fluid containers. Bar-end turn lights and ‘’mirrorless’’ mirrors from Motogadget.

The headlight is from Koso.

All carbon parts were specially made for the bike. You can find a lot of aftermarket carbon parts but we wanted similar carbon as some supercars: twill full carbon glossy weave like you can find on some Aston Martin and McLaren.

The engine has been fitted with an ‘’oil in bath’’ transparent clutch cover from Ducabike. Very similar visually to an open dry clutch without the noise. Going from cable-operated clutch to hydraulic is required for this mod and a CNC Racing slave cylinder was added.

CNC Racing also provided the see-through belts covers, adjustable rear set, and wheels axles nuts.

We upgraded the air filter to a DNA high performance. The airbox was removed and an S&S crankcase filter added.

The exhaust is the original line, chromed, on which a titanium MotoGP can from Spark was fitted.

The shock is the original one, we just powder-coated the coil in black

The swingarm was sandblasted and then vapor blasted to give this smoothed aluminum look.

The number plate bracket is from Rizoma for the Ducati Scrambler. Swingarms are the same except that there are no holes drilled on the Monster arm. Rizoma also provided the gas tank lid.

Alpina made these amazing tubeless spoked wheels, retro look but modern technology.

Ben, the leather master at Angry Lane, used 2 kinds of Pittards leather for the seat. The seating area uses a special patterned called ‘’digital’’ leather, the same used on the palm of most MotoGP gloves for extreme abrasion resistance and anti-slippery capabilities.

Originally the customer wanted a black bike -like most people- but as we were free to choose, we decided to add some shine. The tank and cowl are painted in Porsche black and dark grey colors from 1996 with some burnt bronze outlines matching the frame.

The bike feels lighter, more precise and super well balanced. We are quite sure Miguel Galluzzi would like it.