Everybody surely has different tastes in modifying their beloved motorcycle. But what happens if an architect who usually working on designing the building, decided to modify a motorcycle?

Julian Palapa, an architect from Katalis Company – Jakarta aims to bring a new perspective on designing a motorcycle. For him, he wants to design a specific motorcycle that has the agility to go through the crazy traffic of Jakarta (capital of Indonesia).

When modifying this Royal Enfield Himalayan, Katalis Company implements three important elements in architectural design. The first is firm of building structure, then the utility or function of the building, and the last is venustas or aesthetics.

The process of building .02View was not easy. The team was trying to fit Showa front shock absorber by creating a new triple tree. The Showa front shock is supported by a double-disc braking system with 8 pistons from Nissin Radial.

Not to mention making aluminum-based rear rim. Uniquely, the rear wheel has secondary skin or hubcaps made from galvalume. This material is usually implemented to make canopies, to protect a house or other buildings from rain or sunlight. When compared with other materials, galvalume is classified as more durable and resistant to rust or changes in weather and humidity.

Yellow striping with a mixture of white and black, the colors of .02View is the result of a poll conducted by Julian through social media. Around 189 people participated in the poll, which took place on Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp.

In general, the dimensions of the motorcycle is changed. The initial height from the ground to the driver’s seat shrank from the original 800mm to 760 mm. The overall length of the motorcycle also shrank, from 2190 mm, to 2110 mm. It is intended that anyone who drives the .02View will not experience any difficulties when standing on the ground, which clearly supports agility in driving.