Engine: 2010 FZ6 Yamaha
Front suspension: a arms, uprights, brake mounts were all designed in CAD and built in my garage. It uses a manual Mustang II rack with a modified Grant steering wheel.
Brakes: front are Wilwood, back are stock FZ6
Frame: designed in CAD and Tig welded together from 1.5×1.5 to 2×2 square steel tubing, again all built in my basement.
Body: designed in Solidworks. The body was then cross sectioned into 1” thick pieces. These were cut from 1” thick foam insulation, glued together, sanded smooth, and fiberglass layer over it. This method was used for the side panels and rear engine hood. The front hood and grill were made from .030 aluminum shaped with an English wheel.
Paint: base coat clear coat, painted in my garage with a make shift paint booth
Upholstery: vinyl, stitched on my wife’s $20 Craigslist sewing machine, which is now broken.
Emblems: side triangles were made by sawing out of stainless steel plate. Bezels for seatbelts were cast using pot metal and painted black (also all in my garage)