„GRETA“ by Bike Farm, Swedish Chopper

Harley Davidson Händler und Custom Shop

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Typ: FL 1954
Engine: 1200ccm Shovelhead, 1973
Fork: Calles Chopperdealer Sweden 22‘‘over
Stearing Head: 54°
Frame: Wishbone-Rahmen, 1954

Sissy Bar
License Plate Bracket
Primary Covers
Foot controls
Ignigion Wire Cover
Timer Cover
Tail Light
Hyraulic Clutch

Andre is usually on one Rigid frame bobber on the go.
But there is only one solo seat on it installed – no space for his Woman. “So it had to be a tourer
forth! “he smiles. A touring? Right heard this swedish chopper was built to him in the coming season to use as a daily ride. The first twenty Kilometers on the road were unfamiliar, after that Andre just drove. Nevertheless he admits: “You have to have a nail in the Have a head. ”

Andre was born in 1986, but has a soft spot for old iron. Since 2013, the trained Two-wheel mechanic to the management the bike farm mile. And breed there he and his colleagues again and again old school custom bikes. Whereby, what is called old school here? This Swedish chopper don’t open up, he really is. The starting point was a late shovel from 1973,
the one in a 1954 Wishbone frame stuck. The bike farmers built everything else around it, leaving the former owner hardly recognize his bike now should. The team has several winters
worked on the project whenever Time was up – because customers have of course right of way. How many Hours it was finished, white none so exactly. There was a precise plan not just a rough direction – and it was called “Seventies Style”.
So the chopper is at rest grown as it is on belongs to a good farm. Andre only knew he had one Chopper like bike farm founder Gerd wants to have. And that besides Frame and engine exactly too this fork, exactly this tank and a car tire will be installed should. The fork now gives the line the Sweden Chopper. And you even comes from Sweden, more precisely said by Calles Chopperdealer. The has been in business since the mid-seventies And this fork is the longest he has in the Has offer.

Let’s stay on the frontend: To show what is possible, the farmers have the original Cable pulling the brake through a hydraulic Control replaced, just like with the clutch, too. The headlights
are two of the few parts that are external bought and not made by yourself.
They still needed the screwdrivers from Meile still adapt, they were originally installed as a fog lamp on a car. Andre shot the tank on Ebay. The part in the iconic coffin shape had to can of course also be edited. The bike farm team welded him down below, so that the tunnel is not visible and the part is completely about the top cover of the frame – trains and cables are
nevertheless laid in the tunnel. It is also close to the tank the part that is next to the fittings, so Clutch and brake fluid reservoir, Handles and levers, is probably the only one that reordered, unpacked and screwed on could be: the speedometer – of course from Motogadget. Discover directly below we have a detail that we have never seen before have: The ignition cables are in small tubes edged that of the inclination of the cylinder head angle consequences! Let’s leave the view from there via the engine to the stern then we basically discover only homemade parts – the covers by Primärbelt and Belt at the one as well as air filter and control cover on the other hand, they are all milled themselves.
The axle covers are in the same design made at the front and back. Because between the ~ 165 car tires the TTS rim and the frame still have space the farmers have the exhaust in between
misplaced – not least for one narrow line ensures. The rear manifold runs under the transmission.

The poison green lacquer dress comes from Alexander Henkemeier (Aha! Design). The existed on a crate of beer – and because Andre is on Astra stands is not only the well-known heart and
Anchor logo hidden under the tank, The slogan is also on the fork bridge des Kiez-Bier: „Was dagegen?“ (Anything to say?)

The hand-milled taillight in the shape of a diamond resumes the design of the tank, the classic king-and-queen bench then the last one to the Seventies chopper Polished – and it really came last added. It was the only part for Andre and his colleagues needed several attempts.
The first design was in with faux leather covered with white metal flakes, overall padded slightly higher and the edges gold colored. That didn’t fit, Andre thought, and opted for stingray leather. One Day before the last CUSTOMBIKE SHOW was finished the part just in time for the Chopper could be presented there – he promptly won the “Best Chopper” trophy.
And don’t worry, Andre doesn’t have a real one Need to fish rays, it is also Leatherette. At least that’s what Greta should be So give her blessing – because the famous one Swedish climate activist gave its namesake for this green Swedish chopper.