883 Harley-Davidson Evolution Sportster Engine. Hotter Cams, ported Heads. classic S&S Dual Throat Cárb with a custom fabricated aluminium /brass stack. Custom fabricated finned Cam Cover. Custom made Exhaust which is wrapped in Titanium and exits through Brass Grill located in seat hump rear. Custom built curved Frame with seat hump, all one piece. Fuel filler is located in the seat hump with a pipe connecting it to tank in Frame over engine. Oil tank, Ignition Coil, front brake master cylinder (cable operated from lever on Handlebars) all hidden behind aluminium faíríng in space between engine and Forks. Forks were hand fabricated using a 10 mil marine grade Aluminium and brass plate laminate held together with Brass fasteners with wooden insert Front. Suspension in a rocker style with Gas shock mounted in front of Handlebars with pivot point at bottom yoke (triple three) BrakeCalipers are Tokico units. Handlebars custom made with Brass bar end levers, and cables running through. Rear suspension is a soft tail style system using an ultimate performance shock. Rear brake mount (not visable in this photo) is made to reassemble a drum style with vents and a GMC caliper. Wheels are both V 19 inch V-rod front wheels with rear adapted to fit chain sprocket. Tyres are Avon Speedmaster. Foot controls hangers are custom made again using 10 mil aluminium /brass with mesh inserts, controls by TEC.Seat covered courtesy of Rocket Bob’s. Also made some Brass Etched Pushrod Tube covers. My favourite part of this build was achieving the continuous line between frame and forks. This was done by designing a top cover that moves with the forks and follows the curve of the frame.
Frame and fork back plate are painted satin black, with some parts highlighted in Blue.
When I build I do work from a solid plan, just a rough sketch. This may change as the build continues. I’m a firm believer in the ” If it looks right, then it is right” way. I can often spend hours just looking at the build, trying to figure out some design element. All part of the process.
Thanks for looking, and Thank you Pipeburn for putting together this virtual Show in these crazy rimes.