The Streamliner is our 2nd design (mark II) with boardtracker style. Our recent design was applied on Royal Enfield Bullet 500 (the Varial) that reviewed in one of Pipeburn’s article once. The Streamliner is the improvement of the Varial.
The idea is how to make a Jawa Forty Two into a boardtracker style and applying Jawa’s identities on it. The frame is chopped, we only use the original cradle and rake. The backbone is replaced with a big-curved tube with split gastank clamped on it.
Original suspension is replaced with a leaf springer front and rear. The front springer fork is covered with an aerodynamic small fairing, and the handle bar jointing is casted on the aluminum top three. The front wheel is brakeless 21”. To hide the electrical parts, we put a new side cover stilated from the Forty Two’s side cover. We put it closer to the engine to expose the rear leafspring suspension. We put 21” wheel with drumbrake-sprocket and covered with streamline shape fender, with racing number place holder on it.
To bring out one of Jawa’s identity, we choose red color with chrome element on the gastank, and add some debossed 3-line on gastank and side cover.