Hello, i am an enthusiastic individual which hobby is customizing Aprilia bikes, which i am doing for nearly four years now aside of my job. This bike (Aprilia Tuono V4 1100 factory 2017) was bought new specifically for this project to be my track bike. As i said i really fell in love with the type of bikes competing for the Pikes Peak race therefore the direction was quite easy to fix. Not being able to do diy by myself, i had to find professional to work with and coordinate the jobs of all of them : That may look simplier or easier but in fact this is an additional constraint however needless to say all the project was designed and directed by myself. The first big challenge was to do the gas tank and then slowly but surely to create new fairing parts, either created from scratch or adapted like the front mudguard i bought on internet. All the process was reported on my blog – likewise my other projects – and this bike became now more than a project, but a model in the range of bikes i am focusing on (cafe racer, scrambler, pikes peak, superbikes) in addition to the accessories and kits i am working on.