This project started really with an Öhlins front end, and me starting to build the wheels. After a while I had the chance to buy the Norton motor and the path was set! I had seen some really nice renderings by Holographic Hammer of a 961 Norton, and I was stuck!
Now I had the chance, and I started putting the motor in my frame jig and started to bend tubes. I partly remade the frame 2 times, to set all small details. When the frame and swing arm was finished, I started to shape foam to get a body. Then Håkan “Moon” Johansson made the sheet metal. (Tank/seat)
Later me and my friend Anders locked the door for 2 days in my shed, doing all the electrics.

I started it up 2 days before we took the bike to BikeShed, London. It roars!

Im now working on it to run as good as possible!
Since there are 2 carbs instead of fuel injection, I made own manifolds and there is a custom made ignition system. 😉