The goal is precisely to bring the Crazy Monkey into the race, among real bikes. To achieve this, the Campania customizer has eliminated everything that is not needed during an acceleration race, limiting weight. The Monkey 125, the one found in dealerships today, has been stiffened, adopts a new modification to the original fork; the swingarm has been extended by 20 cm and the rear wheel axle has been moved back by 16 cm, thanks to a pair of aluminum extensions machined from solid. The latter are equipped with an eccentric, a solution that allows you to adjust the attitude: the operation takes place using a special key in the shape of a bottle opener that performs, let’s say, a double function. The key itself can be stored on the vehicle. The changes also affected the saddle, now in line with the shapes of the tank and covered with non-slip material; the footrests have been replaced on the swingarm in a rearward position; the original handlebar has been replaced by a pair of semi-dumbbells; the ABS has been eliminated and thanks to the new radial brake master cylinder with brake distributor (imprinted at 60% on the front), to “detach” after 400 meters, simply rely on the lever located on the handlebar. The rear foot brake control in fact disappears. And as for the small single-cylinder 125cc engine, I intervened by adopting a new artisan air filter and a new exhaust. The work is completed by the digital tachometer (with overspeed indicator), the handcrafted “rocket” windscreen, the lenticular rear rim, the racing tires and, of course, the graphic combinations that combine the yellow frame, the metalflake tank, the windscreen with matt black background and handmade decorations, using the pinstriping technique.