The Story So Far…

This was an idea I got 4-5 years ago. And then I also got the Polycarbonate sheet from a friend who has a glass/window repair shop! The other projects came in the way ( a Triton with Featherbed frame with a modern Triumph Speedmaster motor, a Norton chopper, a Suzuki chopper and the last build a Norton 961 motor in my own chassis).
But after the last Norton project had been shown at a lot of places, I ran into a BSA motor, and I saw the picture inside of my head ? Now it’s time to go for the BSA glass wheel chopper! I bought the motor and put it in my frame jig, which now was empty ?
Started to draw up a 1:1 drawing (like I always do) and I could after a short while clearly see that this will be fun ?
I didn’t want to get any “rules” in the way for my curiosity, how it was even doable. I just started to bend the tubes, and it continued with the fork in another jig, in the jig… so to say. (I wanted to du the frame and fork I one sweep, therefor it was important to do it all in the jig at the same time)
I started to draw the wheels and how it should be done in Solid Works. (Took some hours to get the idea and make it doable!) The hubs are made in 2 pieces and bolted together the Polycarbonate sheet. So is the rim: One laser cut piece is welded onto the rim, and the other is bolted on the outer side of the plastic. (M4 pin screws with nuts)

I didn’t want the frame to be wide, and I decided that 17cm is maximum. And so is the tanks and front fork! Because of that, I had to place the rear sprocket on the outside of the frame – The rear wheel bearings are mounted in the frame. And I needed a intermediate gear to keep the motor in centre of the frame.

I finally got it on ground and I could see that this wd be something special ?

I contacted a Guy called Bosse Jensen (living legend in custom painting!)
I asked if he would like to paint it for me. He saw some pictures and he said Yes of course! It woI wanted it blue – Like the sew on the west coast of Sweden (Where I come from) and a big wave!

It blewed my mind when he came to me with the finished result! It was awesome!

First show was in beginning of march. Moon Bike Show in Avesta, Sweden.
It got a lot of positive reasons and I won the price – Best in Show!

Next up is some other shows in Sweden and in October I bring it (together with the Norton 961) to Cologne for the AMD World Championship Of Bike Building.